Monday, 30 December 2013

Morning Glory Best Of 2013 (Part One)

So here it is - some of my personal favourite tracks/albums to emerge in 2013, all handily mixed up and presented in true Morning Glory style.

A huge thanks to all regular listeners to the show, your support makes this all worthwhile. Also thank you to Juice, Totally Radio, Purple Radio, Ness Radio and Mixcloud for hosting the show across the globe.

Morning Glory Best of 2013 Part Two coming soon...

Morning Glory Best of 2013 Part One by Lost Idol on Mixcloud

Monday, 9 December 2013

When Games Machines Duel

As 2013 ages gracefully, only to end its 365-day life in a booze-aided food frenzy, it's high time to start reflecting on the year that was, if I could only think back beyond the last fortnight that is.

It's been a great year for electronic music - the quite brilliant return of Boards of Canada, not to mention albums from fellow veterans including Mike Paradinas (aka u-Ziq) and Four Tet, plus Jon Hopkins and James Holden - I'll attempt a longer gaze through the rear-view mirror in the new year. But before all that I must alert you to this ace track from Rival Consoles on the Erased Tapes label. 'Odyssey' begins life as a minimal moody chugger with John Carpenter-esque synths building the tension nicely, eloquently unfolding into a fairly epic, cosmic slice of slo-mo techno that sounds like it's just returned to earth in a wood-paneled space wagon.

Check it out below along with a suitably fried video courtesy of Michael Zoidis.

Rival Consoles 'Odyssey' is available now from Erased Tapes.