Sunday, 8 September 2013

DJ Food 'O Is For Orange'

A real audio-visual treat for any Boards of Canada fans out there. This set was put together by DJ Food for a BoC-inspired night that took place in London earlier this year.

‘O Is For Orange’ is the sound of weathered tape saturation, detuned analogue synthesisers, vinyl crackle and machine hum. It’s also the look of unfocused, flickering lenses, mirror image filters and blurry grain embedded into film. Unofficial fan films sit alongside experimental animation, public information shorts and even the odd official video. Material that BoC took inspiration from blends with their own work as well as many that they inspired.

Lost Idol features at 30:00!

DJ Food 'O Is For Orange' (version 2) from Solid Steel on Vimeo.